Somaliland stands in unwavering solidarity with Palestine- President Bihi

Somaliland President declares Somaliland’s support for Palestine and decry their catastrophic plight
Somaliland President declares Somaliland’s support for Palestine and decry their catastrophic plight

By: Staff writer

Somaliland’s President Muse Bihi Abdi expressed his sadness on the impact of the ongoing Gaza war that has brought untold human suffering to the populaces of the Palestine nation.

“Since the outbreak of the conflict on October 7th, the number of Palestinian casualties has tragically reached 9,500, with an alarming 70% of them being innocent children and women. Recent reports have revealed that two major hospitals in Gaza were heavily bombarded, worsening the already dire situation. Additionally, a UN school, housing predominantly women and children, was targeted in the attacks.”President Bihi Said

He lamented that the western countries have depicted a negative attitude towards the humanitarian crisis amidst the genocide taking place and declared support for the Palestinians in the wake of the catastrophe.

“The recent visit of the US Secretary of State to Israel, a figure of significant influence, has sparked concerns as he chose to remain silent on the atrocities taking place in Gaza. In fact, his initial statement on the matter was, ‘We are standing alongside Israel.’ This display of support highlights the apparent hypocrisy of the international community and Western leaders who willingly endorse Israel’s assault on Gaza. The denial of essential resources such as food, water, and electricity to two million people in Gaza is a violation of international human rights and potentially a war crime. These actions raise serious questions about the integrity of their commitment to promoting human rights and democracy worldwide.”

President Bihi added “It is also very disheartening to witness the lack of response from Muslim countries worldwide, given their substantial populations and influential positions. In contrast, South Africa, a non-Muslim country, has admirably taken a stance against Israel’s actions in Gaza, with their president, parliament, and population boldly condemning the attacks.”

President Bihi also expressed solidarity with the Palestinians, saying that the people of Somaliland stand in unwavering support of Palestine.

“As Somaliland, we stand in unwavering solidarity with Palestine, offering our support with our hearts and minds. While our ability to make a significant impact may be limited, our commitment to the Palestinian cause and their pursuit of freedom remains steadfast.”President Bihi said

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