Somaliland: KAAH Political Association, the first Political Association of its scope, established in Hargeisa

KAAH Political Association
KAAH Political Association

By: Abdisalam Rageh

Earlier today, Hargeisa the capital of the Republic of Somaliland hosted a political conference that will be remembered as the first of its genesis whereby more than six hundred founders convened to co-found a new political party together. A Founders Conference, which took place in Grand Hadi Hotel, has convened over 600 delegates from all the regions of Somaliland who have registered as co-founders of the party. Among the 600 delegates were; heavyweight politicians, members of the parliament, former ministers, deputy ministers, traditional leaders, scholars, youth, and women. The delegates were drawn from all walks of life, and most of them traveled to the capital to witness the foundation of their party.

After the commencement of the conference, founders of the party selected the party name, flag and symbol from pool of options presented by the Conference Management Committee. Vast majority of delegates chose “KAAH” over “SAMAWADE” as the party name with a ‘wave of hand and sunrise glitters curved at the top’ as its party symbol.

Remarkably, the conference saw dozens of members of the parliament who have shifted from their parties, and announced their full allegiance to this new party, as its founders.

Among the seasoned politicians who have founded the party is the heavyweight politician, Mohamoud Hashi Abdi, who is widely attributed to the presidential election victory of Kulmiye Party in 2017, will be expected to lead the party in its coming General Assembly where the election of party governing bodies will be elected.

On his speech at the conference, Mr. Hashi has elaborated the core aims behind laying the foundation of this new party, emphasizing the need for inclusive and participatory politics whereby all societal groups have a say in policies and positions of their parties. Moreover, Hashi has attributed the new party as of a political entity founded on principles of core integrity, increased equality and justice, encouraged participatory, and enhanced welfare and development.

Additionally, he signified the need for offering alternative to the shortcomings of former parties, while he highlighted his party contributions to rectifying those shortcomings. Mr. Hashi appealed for public support, pledging that KAAH Party will consume views of all the members and founders.

The announcement of KAAH Party comes while the country finds itself in the middle of electoral dispute over the schedule of the political parties’ election and the presidential election which are both scheduled at the end of this year.

Analysts of Somaliland politics anticipate that the formation of this new party will add substance to the politics in the making at home. It is believed that this new party will maintain a stronger presence in the House of Representatives given the size of HoF members who co-founded it. This means that the new forces recruited by the party will be of vital essence in the legal battle that awaits the conduction of political parties’ elections.

The announcement of this party is believed to bring classic spirit to the increasingly intensifying politics in Somaliland, and mobilize efforts of political parties in the making, in an effort to ensure successful application of the Political Parties/Association Act, which has been engulfed by widespread political controversy.

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