Somalia: Vocal government critic Amina Mohamed among people killed in Beledweyne blasts

Amina Mohamed was known for her fiery speeches was aiming to be reelected in the upcoming elections
Amina Mohamed was known for her fiery speeches was aiming to be reelected in the upcoming elections
By: Zakariye Ahmed, Horndiplomat correspondent 
SOMALIA: 15 people including MP Amino Mohamed Abdi, former MP Hassan Ali Abdi Dhuhul, soldiers have been killed and others injured in two suicide explosions that happened last tonight in Lamagalaay military camp in Beledweyne town, the second election constituency of Hirshabelle State of Somalia.
Female MP Amino Mohamed and former MP Ali Abdi Dhuhul have been killed in a suicide explosion. MP Amino Mohamed was an outspoken person, and She was known for her campaigning to find the missing NISA intelligence agent Ikran Tahlil.
Both MPs were candidates for two lower house seats. MP Amino was running re-election for her seat HOP135, while Ali Abdi Dhuhul was running for the HOP158 seat.
Mohamed Hussein Roble, Prime Minister of Somalia strongly condemns today’s terrorist attacks in Mogadishu Airport and Beledweyne that were aimed at disrupting the elections and intimidating the Somali people and international partners.  He added, “Lawmaker Amino, who has been widely praised for her role in the search for the missing NISA intelligent agent late Ikraan Tahalil, days before an attempt was made to loot the seat she was running for, MP Amina was killed tonight to not find a solution and to discourage anyone who dared to do so”.
Al-Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda-linked group, has claimed responsibility for two suicide bombings in Beledweyne where many people died, including lawmaker Amino Mohamed Abdi and former lawmaker Hassan Ali Abdi Dhuhul.
This attack comes after hours al Shabaab attacked Mogadishu’s heavily guarded international airport on Wednesday, where they have killed six people, one Somali citizen and five foreigners. The two gunmen were killed as the security forces told.
Former Hirshabelle state president Mohamed Abdi Ware said that Villa Somalia is behind the assassination of lawmaker Amino Mohamed.
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