Turkey ‘strongly condemns’ terror attack in Somalia

Security forces quickly sealed off the hotel in Lido beach photo credit Reuters
Security forces quickly sealed off the hotel in Lido beach photo credit Reuters
The Turkish Foreign Ministry on Saturday condemned recent terror attack in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.
“We received the news with deep sorrow that today (16 August) many people lost their lives and many others were injured as a result of a suicide attack with a bomb-laden vehicle following a shootout to a hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital.”the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
“We strongly condemn this heinous terrorist attack. We extend our condolences to the brotherly people and Government of Somalia, wish Allah’s mercy upon those who lost their lives and a speedy recovery to the injured.”the statement added.
At least sixteen people, including five suspected attackers, were confirmed dead, and 18 others injured in the  attack at Elite hotel in Somalia capital Mogadishu on Sunday, a government official confirmed
Turkey and Somalia Bilateral relations 
Earlier this month, Turkey’s Ambassador to Mogadishu Mehmet Yılmaz told Anadolu Agency (AA) in remarks regarding bilateral relations, “When we look at the total numbers, Turkey will have trained one-third of Somali military forces, estimated to be around 15,000-16,000 personnel.”
In addition to military cooperation, Yılmaz also touched other areas of the countries’ partnership, including health and education.
The envoy underlined that historical relations between Turkey and Somalia have dated back many years but began to develop further after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s official visit to Mogadishu in 2011, when the country was struggling with a drought.
“The visit by our president in 2011 to Somalia changed the fate of this country and took the bilateral relations to a new level,” Yılmaz said. He said Somalia “came under the spotlight” following President Erdoğan’s visit, noting that Somali sympathies toward Turkey and the Turkish people continue.
Underlining that Erdoğan became the “only non-African leader to visit Somalia in 20 years,” the ambassador said Erdoğan’s message of solidarity was received with happiness by the Somali people.
The ambassador added that Turkey has been continuing its support to Somalia with humanitarian aid according to the country’s current needs, in the areas of health, education and security.
“Turkey’s military cooperation with Somalia is of critical importance for this country. It contributes to Somalia’s security and its fight against terror,” he said.
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