Somaliland:Colonel Arre accepts Peace Agreement and handed all his Armed Militia

Somaliland:Colonel Arre accepts Peace Agreement and handed all his Armed Militia

By: Jama Farah, Horndiplomat Contributor

Colonel Saed Awil Jama AKA “Caarre” The leader of  justice and Equality Rebel handed all his armed militia and weapons, in Sanaag Region, over to Somaliland National Army.

The Colonel has also accepted the peace agreement between Somaliland government and Mediating traditional elders.

According to Somaliland Standard, the mediation committee confirmed that a number of things have been implemented which is expected to pave the way for the smooth implementation of the agreement and is to end the two year long hostilities that has been raging in the restive Sanaag province.

The mediation committee succeeded to convince the rebel soldiers hiding bases in the mountains that lie in the north of Erigavo, Sanaag’s regional capital.


The rebel soldiers will be formally absorbed by Somaliland national army.

The mediation team also made a major breakthrough in convincing the rebels to open a road in remote area of Tabca which was cut off by the rebel group.

The road blocked by the rebels prevented the national army from Somaliland to advance into the rebel positions as it is the only road to have access to the area.

Meanwhile, Head of the British office in Hargeisa Stuart Brown has Welcomed the Peace Agreement between Somaliland government and Col. Arre.

“This is welcome news and a great start to 2020. A further example of how Somaliland can successfully overcome challenges through mediation. Security and stability are essential for the sucessful delivery of development assistance in Sanaag. Congratulations to all involved.” Said Stuart Brown In Twitter.

Source: Horndiplomat & Somaliland Standard 

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