Dr. Adna Adan Ismail: A Unique Woman In A Patriarchal Society

Dr. Edna Adan Ismail photo by Edna Adan Foundation

By Hussein Adan Igeh (Deyr):

Dr. Adna’s life and legacy is a real testament that compellingly points to us that serving your country and people is a noble calling. Her humbleness, decency and determination are what makes her a unique woman in our patriarchal society.It reflects the true characters and invincible spirit of Somaliland people.

The twin roles that Dr Adna performs: building, managing and maintaining an iconic maternity academic hospital and so contributing to country’s healthcare service; but also speaking up tirelessly about the very often ignored Somaliland’s statehood and right for self-determination in international stages are the individual quality and ability that apparently distinguish Dr. Adna from any other Somaliland politicians or political groups, either the present or the past. In reality, this is what captures the hearts & minds of her fellow Somaliland citizens.

The stakes in this battle for our country’s independence are as high as they’ve ever been, and the tone of Somaliland’s antagonists at home and abroad has reached new levels of acrimony. However, the destiny of the Republic of Somaliland will always be determined only by the people of Somaliland.

Please Dr Adna, keep speaking up without fear or favour, remembering that there has never been and there will never be any power -(except the Power of Almighty Allah)- that would affect the choice of Somaliland and its people in any shape or form.

For more than 55 years, Dr Adna Adan had spared no effort to serve her own people wherever she can. We (the Somaliland citizens) should immensely thankful Dr Adna Adan for her exemplary and unparalleled determination, perseverance and style to advocate for Somaliland’s pursuit of recognition.



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