Somaliland launches Road Safety Awareness Campaign

Somaliland launches Road Safety Awareness Campaign
Somaliland launches Road Safety Awareness Campaign

By: Mohamed Duale

Somaliland Y-PEER in collaboration with GIZ, who carried out the renovation of the Hargeisa-Kalabaydh highway and the halfway line and the Somaliland Road Development Agency in collaboration with the Somaliland Ministry of Transport and Highway Development has launched a of Somaliland Road Safety Awareness Campaign Hargeisa – kalabaydh.

The campaign was launched at a One-day event in Hargeisa attended by communities from across Somaliland, and will be followed by further public events and a media campaign.

The event was to educate the community on the dangers of accidents while also educating them on the maintenance of paved roads including the Hargeisa-Kalabaydh highway until extensive repairs have been made.

In his address, the Somaliland Y-PEER Executive Director Mohamed Mahad Dhama explained the program and its purpose.

“Somaliland Road safety Communication and Awareness Campaign is important for Drivers, Pedestrian, Animals and to our Societies.”Dhamma Said

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Somaliland Road Development Agency (RDA) Director general Mr Ahmed Yusuf Mohamed encouraged drivers to learn rules and regulations of the road saying “We are encouraging the drivers to learn Rules and Regulations of the road, “

GIZ roads manager Christoph Schmidt at the event also highlighted the importance of such meetings to the community. “The problems caused by accidents include the whole family disappearing and no one is left.” Said Ahmed Yusuf Mohamed Director-General of Somaliland Road Development Agency.

The project supports Somaliland in improving road transport performance. The focus is on the renovation and maintenance of the existing road network. State structures are supported in developing road maintenance management.

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