Landmine in Somalia’s Lower Shabelle region kills 4, wounds 3


By Mohammed Dhaysane

MOGADISHU-At least 4 people including 3 police officials have been killed 3 others including the Deputy District commissioner of Qoryooley town his secretary were injured after bomb blast targeted to government officials in Lower Shabelle region on Sunday, officials and local media said

The attack was a Landmine blast that targeted Lower Shabelle region officials convoy who was traveling between the town of Qoryooley and Shalanbod.

The wounded also include a journalist and also local soldiers.

Ibrahim Najah, Lower Shabelle governor and other officials confirmed the attack.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the deadly blast but it comes hours after heavy fighting between security forces backed by African Union peacekeeping mission forces and al-Shabaab fighters killed at least 10 people mostly civilians that took place in the town of Qoryooley, Lower Shabelle region.

Officials in the region told local media that Amisom troops in Qoryooley overreacted during the fighting with al-Shabaab and killed 9 civilians including 5 women.

Lower Shabelle governor Ibrahim Najah, said that it’s administration will investigate the claim.

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