Somalia: Puntland to repatriate 50 fishermen from Thailand

Puntland to repatriate 50 fishermen from Thailand
By: Hiiraan
The Thai government announced this week that about 50 migrants have been detained on the beaches near Bossaso, Bari region.
Thailand’s foreign ministry spokesman Busadee Santipitaks said Wednesday that Puntland authorities and the federal government have responded positively to a request by their embassy in Nairobi.
“The officials of the Somali regional administration in Puntland have accepted the repatriation of these Thai workers and facilitated their repatriation,” said Santipitaks.
According to the spokesman, the 50 were fishermen working with two boats, Marwan 1 and Marwan 2.
Travel documents and travel tickets for Thai citizens are said to have been compiled and their travels will begin in the coming days, Bankok Post reports.

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