Somaliland Information Ministry Freed of two Popular Televisions Eryal and Horyaal 

Somaliland Police raid,Close down the Offices of two Popular Televisions Eryal and Horyaal tv
Somaliland Information Ministry Freed of two Popular Televisions Eryal and Horyaal .HornDiplomat Reports.
The Somaliland Journalists association (SOLJA) welcomes the decision of the Ministry of information lead by the Ministry Mohamed Muse Diiriye along with the Director General Mukhtar Mohamed Ali who have revoked the license imposed in a ministerial degree dated to 15/6/2019 banning the operation of Eryal and Horyaal independent televisions in Somaliland.
The two televisions will resume their operation after the ministry and SOLJA negotiated on several meetings held in the past weeks in cooperation with the television managers as well.
The Somaliland journalists association supports every positive step towards the press freedom and journalism work is carried independently, responsible and without the least interferences from either government or other interested groups. We also welcome any efforts of illuminating issues that’s against the national interest and that halts the peace and harmony of Somaliland state. Similarly, we are intolerant with the least violations, illegal arrests and suspension of media organizations operating in Somaliland which is against the national constitution, the Somaliland press law, the African charter of Freedom of expression & people’s rights as well as the international bill of rights which Somaliland accepts.
On top of that, Somaliland journalists Association calls for both the government and the media parties to review their duties and ensure commitment in contributing their role of national building and democratic growth in constructive manner. In addition, if there are tensions and mistakes, it should be approached legally referring the constitution and national laws that are the pavements towards free and responsible media.
Yahye Mohamed Abdi,
Executive Director,
Somaliland journalists Association


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