Somaliland Police raid,Close down the Offices of two Popular Televisions Eryal tv and Horyaal tv

Somaliland Police raid,Close down the Offices of two Popular Televisions Eryal and Horyaal tv
Horndiplomat-Somaliland Police raid, close down the offices of two Popular Televisions, Eryal and Horyaal. The order was made by the Minister of Information. Horndiplomat reports
Somaliland Minister of Information Mohamed Musse Dirie had issued a written order in which the Ministry ordered the suspension of operations of Horyaal TV and Eryal TV in Somaliland territory.
Authorities accused the two television channels for “interfering in the inner activities of security forces” and “being against Somaliland’s nationhood”. In this morning Somaliland police went to the the headquarters of Horyaal TV and forced the TV station off air after the management initially resisted to comply, though the police left the premises after insuring the total shutdown. Eryal TV received a copy of the order and complied.
The owners of two broadcasting stations have held press conference confirming the closure of the two television stations in Somaliland.
” The government of Somaliland has Closed the main offices of two Televisions, Eryal TV and Horyaal TV that they were not given prior notice, We condemned that action against the freedom of expression.”Adam Aidid owner of Eryal Tv
Somaliland Journalist Association (Solja) condemns the strongest terms possible the raid of the offices of the privately owned television by the Somaliland police in Hargeysa, a worrying trend highlighting the dangers of the press freedom in Somaliland.
“This morning Somaliland Police attacks to ban the operation of two independent Televisions Horyaal Tv and Eryal Tv. Solja condemns this police raids to close and silence the independent media houses and call the Ministry of information to recall this decision immediately.” Said Yahye Mohamed Executive director of Somaliland Journalist Association (Solja)


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