Somaliland:Kulmiye and UCID agree on Parliamentary Poll Date

By:Mohamed Duale, Editor-in-Chief, Horn Diplomat 

Horndiplomat- Somaliland the ruling party KULMIYE and one of the opposition parties, UCID, signed a Joint Communique to the effect that Parliamentary elections will take place in November 2019 Waddani party rejects the poll date proposed by the two parties.

The two political parties also agreed that current Electoral Commision to supervise parliamentary elections. Waddani proposal total restructuring of the electoral commission.

Meanwhile, The Waddani has not commented on the joint communique. The House of Elders may intervene to break the deadlock. The House of Elders has the powers to extend the parliamentary terms and local councils if political parties fail to agree on a poll date.

UCID and Kulmiye oppose any postponement beyond the agreed date in the communique.

By:Mohamed Duale, Editor-in-Chief, Horn Diplomat
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