Somaliland: Groundwater flooding causes distress in Borama

Groundwater flooding causes distress in Borama Photo via BBC Somali

Horndiplomat-BBC Somali Service website reports groundwater flooding poses a risk to many properties in Borama city.

Some families woke up to unusual dampness in cemented and tiled floors without torrential rains causing floods in the city.

A Borama resident told BBC Somali Service stringer that “people fear their houses could collapse”. Groundwater flooding can affect the structure of the house.

Awdal regional government has not issued a statement nor has it appealed to the central government in Hargeysa for help to alleviate the distress caused to residents at the mercy of a natural phenomenon for the first time in the history of a city that will celebrate its hundredth anniversary next year.

Minor earthquakes rocked Borama several times a few years ago.

By:Mohamed Duale, Editor-in-Chief, Horn Diplomat

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