Somaliland sends letter to UN slamming Gaas’s visit to Badhan

The foreign minister of Somaliland Saad Ali Shire

Horndiplomat-Somaliland government has sent a letter to the United Nation following the visit of Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gaas; head of Somalia’s Puntland state to Badhan district, Sanaag province of Somaliland. Horndiplomat Reports

On 19 September, Gaas arrived in Badhan as he received a warm welcome from the local community, this demonstrated the extent of the people’s thirst for development. Gaas took advantage of the people’s demand and inaugurated some development projects, including the recently built Maakhir University and a new branch of Puntland Bank in Badhan. The tour provoked an advance argument between Hargeisa and Garowe since Badhan is disputed district.

Badhan, about 90 kilometers east of Erigavo, the capital of the largest region of Somaliland, Sanaag,

The government and opposition of Somaliland condemned with the strongest words possible the interferences of Somaliland internal affairs by the president of the Somalia region of Puntland Abdiweli Gaas.

“We are condemning the visit again, he crossed into our border, it’s an aggressive act that could lead new clashes. Somaliland has the right to defend its own borders, cities, and people” Saad Shire, Somaliland foreign minister noted. Shire also added that they delivered a complaint to the international community to pressurize Gaas’ administration and he mentioned the visit may leave a serious consequence.

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Somaliland, former British protectorate united with Somalia in 1960 just days after it was granted independence by the British government. After 30 years of unity, Somaliland was declared an independent country by itself and still seeking international recognition. Somaliland continues to claim the entire area of former British Somaliland, but Puntland also claims the possession of Sool region and the east of Sanaag.

Although the disputed area lies in Somaliland’s territory, Puntland focuses on the indigenous-Daarood-clan people reside in that regions.

Reporting By Khadar Haibe Horndiplomat reporter, Editing by Mohamed Duale Horndiplomat Chief in Editor