Somaliland Government Accepted Efforts by the International Community to seek a Ceasefire in Tukaraq fighting while Puntland rejects

Somaliland president H.E Muse Bihi Abdi Hand shakes  Special Representative of the Secretary-General Michael Keating

Horndiplomat-The government of Somaliland accept  the United Nations and IGAD efforts to seek a ceasefire between the Somaliland forces and the Puntland militias in Tuko-Raq, but the Puntland administration has rejected that plan.

Closed sources has confirmed HornDiplomat, the government of Somaliland accepted the UN and IGAD’s plan to initiate an immediate ceasefire and dialogue. However, Puntland President Abdiweli Mohammed Ali Gaas rejected ceasefire plan and proposed Somaliland has withdrawn its troops from the Tuko-raq area and then begins a ceasefire and dialogue.

Puntland president decision on ceasefire has a challenge for the international community efforts on the peace process, The reports also added the IGAD and United Nations released forthcoming days the last decision about Puntland’s rejection on Ceasefire.

Meanwhile, The United Nations and IGAD countries has praised Somaliland government to accept for their peace process without condition.

Ethiopia leading the IGAD countries that supporting the United Nations for the peace process in Tukaraq district of Sool Region.

By:Hamza Duale Horndiplomat Contributor for regional latest updates.


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