Unveiling the Political Intentions of Somalia and Understanding the Value of Recognizing Somaliland

On may 15 Somaliland Celebrates the 27th anniversary of Independence photo

The fact that Somaliland thrived in a 27 year long process of viable political transition started with the declaration of seperation from the failed union of 1st of July 1960 with the Italian Somalia, and immediate reinstatement of its sovereighnty. At  independece, on 26th June 1960 over 30 sovereign states recognized Somaliland as a free state,  fully eligible to be member of the united nations and join regional and  international organizations,  with all  rights to enter international treaties and conventions.
Reinstatement of the national sovereignty by Somaliland created fear in Somalia in which politicians and ethnic groups had understood a potential political threat for the following ‘assumed’ reasons:
1. Somaliland may outweigh Somalia due to its geographical and  geopolitical location which will have, according to their view, economic, social and political impact.
2. A recognized Somaliland means for Somalia ethnically to lose the dominant role and uncontested manipulation ofpolitical power, economy and social life to the advantage of the southern tribes.
3. A general politically oriented phobia or fear or uncertainty of the short and medium term future of the country by the majority of politicians and ordinary people after Somaliland had seperated from.the union and declared reinstatement of its status as a sovereign recognized country on 18th May 2018. This fear has been founded on a socio-political situation characterized with maladministration, manipulation of power and intended subordination or cheating among politicians and ethnic groups of different political interest or orientation in the Italian Somalia.

4. It is on the basis of the above three points the creation of ‘Putland State’  was made, i.e. to block the very legitimate path for Somaliland to statehood and international recognition.
Somaliland in mature political process and sustainably safe transition to a highly democratic country with the capacity to do this already tested and witnessed internationally, had made its position clear and thrived to make the aspirations of its citizens known globally. It is the British government, all free and democratic states and the AU, the EU and the UN to listen, take note of the rigjts of and  support Somaliland by:
1. Stopping Italian Somalia to stop attacking Somaliland, restrain itself and remain within its territorial boundary and not violate international law and not destabilise the region. Somalia has enough its own inherent troubles and tensions.
2. Providing the recognition essentially needed by Somaliland to achieve full statehood, deliver its national economic, political and social goals and obligations. This is also important to allow Somaliland to express itself and remain as the example for safe transitioning of new or disturbed states peacefully to a stable and democratic countries. This also will allow Somaliland to play a significant role and contribute in maintaining stability, economic development and democracy in the Eastern Africa and The Horn of Africa.
Mohamed W Farah

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