You are different, it’s normal

Leila Abdullah SocialActivist ,Youth Empowerment, blogger and Photographer. 

I’m a girl from a land where women were nothing better than valueless creature that doesn’t or can’t ever make a change or differences in any way possible but to be an asset to a man.

I have left that land to my motherland where I thought I will be more visible as a woman who can take part in any sector and make a change. I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia and I came to Hargeisa, Somaliland when I was just 18, the weird thing is that I spent my whole life in Saudi Arabia and I felt I didn’t  fit there and indeed I was right, I have never felt what’s the meaning of home until I came to Hargeisa, Somaliland. I came across so many people who I felt they were somehow related to me,well not the relative thing,but I felt I was connected with these people. That was the time I felt I really do fit in.

It was the time for me to take part in social and political activities in the country and understand the country and the people very well. Remember, I was only 18 and I couldn’t complete university for medical reasons yet after that I started to take part in initiatives that aim at raising awareness regarding so many social aspects. People started to appreciate what I do and honestly I didn’t feel satisfied because I didn’t feel so about what I was doing I was good at doing what I do, but I have never felt so lost, I knew I was looking for something I love yet I never knew what can make me wake up 5am so excited to never seek rest until I achieve or reach that certain thing which I’m looking for but I can’t seem to find.

I have worked in the education sector, business sector, social work sector and so many that I was fascinated by all and most importantly, I was proud that I was able to work in different sectors and aspects and yet perform pretty good at my job, where as some found me inspiring, yet sadly I didn’t find myself inspiring, I didn’t feel that I made an impact, I didn’t feel that I found what I’m looking for.

During this stressful period, I have found that I sincerely don’t belong in one place, neither do I have a Dream JOB, I was exploring my capabilities and striving to find what kind of career I should have and so on. I came to realize that I am not the CAREER TYPE of people, I was a person that seeks to learn so many things yet can’t stay in one place, I began to accept myself but the people were crucial to me. I have a principal” no one is perfect, but we can be great by being what we are and doing what we can”. Everyone was so shallow that I was judged daily, and being criticized for not having a CAREER or specific PROFESSION, and what can I contribute to my society during my lifetime in this world, THAT’S WHAT MATTERS.

I have realized these things don’t matter, what really matters is what do I BELIEVE in, and what can I contribute to my society during my lifetime in this world, THAT’S WHAT MATTERS.

People will not see what you see and they won’t believe in what you believe, if you don’t believe in yourself and your vision. I know most of us thought we are like the majority, that we get to graduate, find the  dream job, buy a house, marry and have kids, sometimes it won’t be the way you think it might be. You can’t be like anyone else,You are different so don’t frustrate if you feel different, embrace it and trust your journey.

By:Leila Abdullah Social Activist ,Youth Empowerment, blogger and Photographer.



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