Somaliland:BBC Somali is not a neutral media about Somaliland-Somalia affairs-Minister of Information

Somaliland's Minister of Information, Abdirahman Abdillahi Farah (Guri-barwaqo)

HARGEISA (HornDiplomat)-The government of Somaliland annoying the unfairness of BBC Somali reports has sent a complaint letter to BBC AFRICA Editor, Solomon Mugera in London and BBC office in Nairobi as state-affiliated news agency confirmed.

The news comes two days after 1-hour debate between Somaliland and Somalia officials about Berbera port deal which is the root cause of the current arguments between the two neighbouring countries.The government accuses the London-based radio of biasing during debates linking with Somaliland-Somalia affairs by giving a good platform to Somalia representatives.

Abdirahman Farah aka (Guribarwaaqo), Minister of Information of Somaliland who was delivered the concern to the radio has underlined that BBC Somali reporters exaggerate insignificance news from Somalia while ignoring big issues in Somaliland such as president Muse Bihi’s visits to Ethiopia and Djibouti.

However, the minister remarked that he will carry the most appropriate response if the letter doesn’t work.

BBC, British Broadcasting Cooperation which is a British public service broadcaster and it’s headquarters are at Broadcasting House in Westminster, London broadcasts 28 languages.

 BBC Somali, established on 18th July 1957 now seems to fail understanding its target audiences.

By:Khadar Haibe Hordiplomat Reporter Tweets @kadar_haibe 


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