UNSOM Congratulates Somaliland President-Elect Muse Behi on his Election As President of “Somaliland”


The United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) congratulates Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi of the Peace, Unity and Development (KULMIYE) Party on his election as President of “Somaliland”, as confirmed by the “Somaliland” Supreme Court yesterday.

Both international and domestic observers have indicated that the electoral process and the voting itself were conducted in a generally peaceful manner and yielded a credible outcome. UNSOM welcomes this, and commends the political and traditional leaders in “Somaliland” for resolving the elections-related disputes that emerged. UNSOM urges the incoming administration to continue to advance inclusive politics and consolidate democracy, peace and stability among Somalilanders.

UNSOM looks forward to building on the existing relationship with Somaliland based on the agreed roadmap for United Nations support to “Somaliland” and Somaliland’s Development Plan II. UNSOM also stands ready to support the resumption of dialogue between Somalia and “Somaliland”.


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