Somaliland: The mother in the rural areas wants water, health and education services as per tax collections”President-Elect Muse Behi Abdi

Somaliland President-Elect H.E Muse Behi Abdi

By M.A. Egge

The newly elected Head of State has warned that he is going to fight against corruption,mal-administration and vices that taint good governance even if it means losing allies. The President-elect H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi who is also the KULMIYE ruling party chairman gave the cautionary sentiments yesterday at the party’s hall when he met the presidential campaign team.

He was quite categorical on being against mal-administration and underpinned his fight against corruption which he depicted as one that would be relentless.

“The mother in the rural areas wants water, health and education services as per tax collections” he said.

He lamented that the tax payers are dismayed that corruption was rife and that they paid their dues reluctantly.

The Somaliland president-elect Muse Behi Abdi told to his party men/women that he will build a zero corruption, nepotism and clan based adminstration.

In a speech that will be taken happily country-wide, the President elect has shown that he is going to fight against vices that few leaders, if any, talk about.

He noted that since the buck stops at his desk at last, he will thus not accept any cronies who perpetuate mal-practices in his administration.

The President-elect was convictional that the practices of appeasing a single community at the expense of another were a by-gone.

He said that he understood the fact that for nation-hood to take root it was pre-requisite that all patriots at all levels should understand the essence of justice and equality. He warned that any way-ward leaders who expect favours at the expense of diligence should know that they would be at the wrong place.

The newly elected President who is expected to be inaugurated by the end of the second week of December was bold, open, candid and frank in a speech that has been un-precedent, by any leader before being sworn in, to set issues straight.

Given this speech and the one H.E. Musa Bihi gave upon being declared a winner, Somalilanders have had their morale pepped quite vigorously.

He thanked his campaign teams and urged them to maintain the tempo and keep the rapport with the populace in place.

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