Somaliland:Buroa clerics ban music at wedding parties


Horndiplomat-The Wedding parties in Burao the capital of Togdheer region of Somaliland shall no longer be an event of festivities but a solemn one.

This follows an order issued by the committee for the promotion of good deeds and deterrence to Vice banning the playing of music at this occasions where newly weds family, relatives and friends converge to usher in the new unity.

This order that has created divergent opinion within the affected community comes in the heels of a similar one issued A few months ago banning any events involving cultural music and dancing.

Account to a number of youths in the town the right to enjoy music and dance at weddings should not be curtailed as it is a festive occasioned n that goes hand in hand with such.

But according to those supporting the move by the clerics committee music is un Islamic thence the ban is not only appropriate but long overdue

As for hotel owners usually the venue of such festivities the move has also elicited both support and Opposition.

According to those opposed music has been an integral art of weddings and banning it renders negatively for their institutions since nobody will hire their halls thence a huge lose in income.

some of the town’s hospitality industry operators support the ban despite the loose of incoming owing to music being un Islamic.

On the Other Hand The governor of Togdheer region, Mohamoud Ali Saleben Ramah, told Horn Cable Television that he supports the ban. He told the television that he did not impose but he welcomes.

All in all the huge debate here remains on who is right in this matter the religious or social.


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