Somalia Official Accuses Somaliland of Funding Terrorism


Horndiplomat-Somalia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs official accused Somaliland on the continuous terror attacks in Mogadishu. Ali Abdi Hoshow, the head of the Press & Public Relations at the Ministry said on his official tweet that Somaliland is behind the terror attacks in Mogadishu citing sources he did not mention.
“Most of the Terrorist Acts carried out in Mogadishu are funded by the Somaliland Administration in the northwest of the country” he said in his tweet. Since Twitter is limited to 140 characters only, he went on to his official Facebook page to continue “Most of the Terrorist Acts carried out in Mogadishu are funded by the Somaliland Administration in the northwest of the country to destabilize the south to show their separatist unilateralism” he concluded.
This has sparked anger among Somalilanders around the globe and resulted him to remove his tweet after few hours without apologizing or saying any comment. A number of Somali journalists who inquired more information about his accusation have also been blocked by the official

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The Ministry of Foreign affairs did not comment the official’s statement and attempts to contact other officials was not possible. This is the first time Mogadishu-based government directly accuses Somaliland of financing terrorism in the Horn of Africa.
More than 100 hundred died in yesterday’s terror attack in a populated area in Mogadishu and around 300 others are wounded. Hospitals in Mogadishu are struggling to save the lives of the injured and there are campaigns to organize public blood donations in the city since yesterday. No one claimed the responsibility of the attack as of now but all the fingers are pointing at Alshabab, a terrorist group linked to Alqaida that control huge areas of Somalia and continuously carryout suicide bombings in the country.
Around 22,000 AU peacekeeping troops are operating in Somalia to fight Alshabab militants along with thousands of Somali troops. Although the group have been pushed back since 2007, but they are still able to carry out large-scale suicide attacks in the country especially in Mogadishu.

Twitter Reaction on Somalia Allegations 


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