Somaliland:The Inauguration of the first museum in Somaliland


Horndiplomat-Hargeisa – on Aug. 29 , 2017, the first museum in Somaliland was inaugurated, which is founded by Saed Shukri Hussein – a Somalilander who was member of the Somali National Movement(S.N,M); the movement that fought to liberate the land and the people of Somaliland from the rule of the former Somali dictator MR. Siyad Bare.
The museum which is called SARYAN will serve to preserve the history and the legacy of the Somali National Movement (S.N.M).
Officials from the government including ministers and other distinguished guest attended the inauguration ceremony of this museum. All the attendees have praised the foundation of this museum.

Somaliland minister of Finance Zamzam abdi Aden

‘That man who have undergone whatever challenges we could remember and then invented the little fortune he had earned to this museum deserves aid and hand from us’. Zamzam Abdi Adan, Somalialnd Mininster of Finaince said.

Dr. Edna Aden Ismail Somaliland’s Special Representative talks with Somalia

‘Our nation does not stand by peace, but other beautiful things which we are proud such as this museum’ Dr. Edna Adan said.

Finally, the manager of this museum Mr. Jacfar Mohamed Gadaweye defined the name of the museum, which SARYAN, to the male antelope.

‘A museum is a place to store the art of the ancient people’ He said.

 By:Mohamed Duale & Abdirahman Omer Hussein Horndiplomat Editorial Team

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Watch Below the Inauguration ceremony of Saryan Museum 



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