Somalia:List of deadly attacks in Mogadishu


The Somali capital Mogadishu, where at least 18 people died Wednesday in attacks on two restaurants, has suffered repeated attacks since Islamist fighters were driven out of the city in August 2011.

Here is a recap of the biggest assaults since 2015:

– 2017 –

– May 8: At least six people die in an attack claimed by Shabaab near a cafe and two weeks later at least five others are killed when a car bomb explodes outside the port.

– February 19: A suicide car bomb in a busy market kills 39 people. It is not claimed by any group but takes place as Shabaab fighters threaten a “vicious war” against the new Somali president, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.

– January 25: At least 28 people die in a coordinated attack involving two car bombs and an armed assault by Shabaab fighters on the Dayah Hotel near the Somali parliament and state house.



– December 11: More than 20 people are killed when a truck loaded with explosives blows up near the capital’s port in an attack claimed by Shabaab.

– August 30: A suicide car bomb outside a popular hotel near Villa Somalia kills at least 15 people.

– June 25: Another Shabaab attack against the Naasa Hablood hotel kills 11 people, including a junior environment minister. A month later on July 26 at least 13 people die in car bombings by the airport.

– June 1-2: A Shabaab attack on the Ambassador Hotel kills more than 10 people, including two Somali MPs. The standoff with police lasts more than 12 hours.

– February 26: A double car bombing on a hotel and park in central Mogadishu kills 14 people near the high-security Villa Somalia complex that houses the presidential palace and the prime minister’s office.

– January 21: At least 19 people die in an attack on a popular seaside restaurant.

– 2015 –

– July 26: A car bomb explodes near the Jazeera Palace Hotel, killing 17 people. The hotel is a popular gathering place for senior officials and foreign visitors and hosts three diplomatic missions, including China’s.

– February 20: A twin suicide attack by Shabaab fighters on the Central Hotel kills at least 25 people, including two MPs.

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