Somaliland:Government Welcomes Medical Teams from UAE and Kuwait

Horndiplomat-(Hargeisa) In Thursday Medical Teams from United Arab Emirates and Kuwait arrives in Somaliland that provides for Free medical services in Hargeisa.
That delegations welcomes in Egal international Airport Somaliland’s government officials led by Presidency minister, Hon:Mohamoud Hashi Abdi and also accompanied by Finance Minister Zamzam Abdi Adem , Civil Aviation Minister, Hon:Farhan Adem Haibe,State Minister of Health Hon.Mohamoud Adem Jama(Galal) and the presidential Spokesman Eng.Hussein Adem Iggeh (Deyr).
The Emirates Medical Team led by most famous doctor from Arabian Peninsula Dr. Adel Al-Shamari , The Medical Team Provides for free medical Service in upcoming days in Hargeisa Stadium.
Dr.Adel Al-Shamari Speaks to the media says
“The Emirates President has order this medical team To Somaliland, This country its our second home,We Provides for free medical service that to supports people of Somaliland’’Said Adel Al-Shamari
The Somaliland’s Minister of Presidency Hon:Mohamoud Hashi Abdi welcomes the medical team and also has expressed his thanks and appreciation to the UAE for its efforts in supporting the Somaliland people – Minister Hashi Says
“Today’s we welcomes here in Egal International Airport Emirates Volunteer Medical Team that led by Dr.Adel Al-Shamari from United Arab Emirates Accompanied by other doctors from other countries across the globe, they Provides medical services in the country ,This project cooperating between the government of Somaliland and United Arab Emirates , I Would like to thanked the Government of the United Arab Emirates and also Abdihakim Al-xayaat Foundation that organized and facilitated to this Great work.”Said Minister Hashi

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The presidency minister also he added
“The Emirates Medical team based in Hargeisa Stadium on Upcoming Days and also the Doctors will be Treating 5,000 Somalilanders , they working constantly in two shifts, and we asking the registered citizens to respect the process.”Said minister Hashi
Meanwhile the Government Top officers also welcomes medical team from Kuwait that they also Provides medical services in Hargeisa International hospital.
The presidency Minister Hon:Mohamoud Hashi Abdi speaks for that welcomes ceremony in EGAL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Says “also we would like to sents Appreciation message to the government of Kuwait that they sents today’s Medical teams that we welcomes here in the airport the doctors also based international hospital Hargeisa that controlled Al-rahma foundation they Provides Upcoming Free medical Services”Said Minister hashi
Somaliland is a country where 300,000 people, most of them children, are classed as being at severe risk from drought. More than 1.5 million people are staring famine in the face.
People here know that it’s only a matter of weeks, not months, to avert a full-blown humanitarian crisis.And people across the world will not be able to say they didn’t know about it.
Reporting by MoDuale Editing by Chriss Dowsen


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