Somaliland:Open Letter to the UN and International Organization

Message from Somaliland’s people to intergovernmental, international organizations and donors
Let us express our appreciation, gratitude and thanks to the UN, international organizations and donors for the lengthy and productive close working relationship as major partners of development process to the Somaliland’s people.
Our partnership has grown over the years and contributed tremendously in the improvement of Somaliland’s development in different dimensions.
Although, Development partners continue to work on the frontlines of sustainable development in Somaliland that great work and accomplishments suffered slow down and relative silence specially in difficult times such current droughts and famines coupled with significant reduction of allocations of fund and resources to The Republic of Somaliland.
We are the people of Somaliland reiterate and emphasize, that Republic of Somaliland is not part of federal member of Somalia; Republic of Somaliland has its democratic sovereign government with long history of thousands of years. Republic of Somaliland was British Protectorate between 1884 and 1960 and united with Southern Somalia on July 1, 1960 only four days after its independence on June 26, 1960. After decade of volatile democracy and another decade of dictatorship rule which impoverished and committed exterminations
in Somaliland, Somaliland decided unilateral secession from the rest of Somalia on 18 May 1991. Inappropriate and constant practices by South Somalia governments to besiege Somaliland government and suffocate it financially by exploiting the name
Republic of Somalia is flagrant breach of the integrity of Somaliland’s people and infringe upon the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland.
Federal Government States is not stable as the Republic of Somaliland and terrorist groups controlled large part of the country. The tasks are daunting, and it’s unjust and unfair to include the Republic of Somaliland in rewarding process of funds sessions and allocations of funds as Federal Government member. Republic of Somaliland Special Arrangement is the sole framework for under the New Deal partnership. It is distinctly separates the autonomous and independent Somaliland from the rest of Somalia Federal Members. Special Arrangement will enable Somaliland to take its development process.
The challenges which lie ahead of the Somaliland Government and its people are fostering and funding innovative development projects and programs to meet the needs current of vulnerable groups needs, eradicate poverty and achievement Millennium Goals.
Therefore, we the people of Somaliland request the UN, international organizations and donors to reform rewarding process and avoid absurd financial barriers and integrating Somalia as one State and extend hands of help during our current calamity.
Let us reiterate our appreciation for the great work that you do in Somaliland. The Government of the Republic of Somaliland and its people are grateful to the UN, international organizations and donors for continued support while more assistance is expected from them.
Mukhtar Abdi Ismail
By Mukhtar Abdi Ismail


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