Former Puntland President Farole says Somaliland could rejoin Somali Republic

Former Puntland President Abdurahman Sheikh Mohamed Farole
By Faysal Hassan
Former Puntland President Abdurahman Sheikh Mohamed Farole has said that the current Somaliland government could potentially be regarded as a regional Somali state in an interview yesterday.
The Somali senator and current presidential candidate also said that Upper House’s election in Mogadishu signals the winds of change are blowing in Somalia’s political arena which he said that Somaliland could rejoin the Republic after nearly three decades of separation.
“Discarding the short-sighted political views surrounding the election, the house’s main priority would be synchronizing the people of Somalia and removing country’s political nostalgia” Farole has told reporters in Mogadishu.“The Speaker who was elected to head the Upper House hails from Somaliland and it suggests how their quest is not attainable” he said.
His pessimism over Somaliland’s pursuit of independence has sparked a debate on social media, with many up in arms over his comments while some shared his sentiments.
The former British protectorate has been battling for an international recognition since it seceded from the rest of Somalia in 1991.


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