Somaliland:Abdulahi M.Duale A Respected Diplomat and Politician in the Greater Horn of Africa

Abdulahi Mohammed Duale Somaliland’s former foreign minister
Abdulahi Mohammed Duale Somaliland’s former foreign minister is a seasoned diplomat with  a real leadership experience. He is one of the longest serving cabinet ministers in Somaliland, he was a cabinet member for 17 years out of the 25 years Somaliland existed after regaining its independence.
He is a natural politician  with a grassroots support in Saahil,Togdheer,Saraar,Sanaag and Sool regions of Somaliland. The community he represented remembers him as  a man of principle, who does not stay in politics for profiteering but for community and public service.
He is a respected diplomat and politician in the greater Horn of Africa. He is one of the few politicians from eastern regions of Somaliland, who does not have links with Wahabi funded  religious movements.
During his tenure as Somaliland foreign Minister he succeeded to cement a solid and fruitful relationship with all Somaliland Neighboring countries. During his time, United States former under secretary for African affairs Jendya Fraser paid a visit to Somaliland, which was a milestone achievement for Somaliland’s quest for recognition.
For the last six years  he was consulting South sudan’government,as reported by the media recently, he stated that he will fully back the 2017 Kulmiye Presidential candidate, which will be good for the candidate and generally for Somaliland.
By:Mohammed Dahir Ahmed

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