Fighting terrorism in Somalia

Drs. Anab Mohamed Dahi, Female Presidential Candidate in Somalia, 2016

Somalia, has became “The new Syria in the Horn of Africa” where organised religious warlords and clan politicians created enclaves that they control to the detriment of Somali Republic.

As presidential candidate in 2016, I want to re-unite our country and its people based on peace, justice, equality, good governance and democracy and also eradicate these UN-HOLY enclaves who serve and who are a proxy of those who do not have the best interest at heart for Somalia and its people.

I want to make this dream into a reality and my motto will be not only re-unification & so on but in leading Somalia as well as ways in which we can lead our system of government through our good faith in Islam. Therefore, I will strength the Islamic teachings, its basic tenets, its cultural and traditional values of peace and harmony and its applications to respect the sanctity of life and as well as other faiths no matter what them believe system is based whether AL- ITHAD  and other group believe and want to implement in Somalia.

I strongly believe that we need to promote tolerance and peaceful co-existence in order to strengthen cooperation and friendship among different religions, cultures and traditions. However, as presidential candidate for 2016 we are faced with the problem of terrorism and I am interested to fight against it and win. Thus, I am not interested negative reactions to my methods but in positive results to strengthen my government and get rid off this menace from Somalia and make sure that it doesn’t threaten anymore the neighboring countries and or the world at large.

There is no doubt that terrorists in Somalia have shown us how the government is impotent and incapable to combat them let alone cleansing them from the country. To proof, their point terrorist in the country have carried out numerous occasions terror attacks in the Capital City, Mogadishu i.e., the president’s residence at Villa Somalia, Hotels Shamo Hotel , Sahafi Hotel , Makka Al-Mukarama Hotel , Jezira Hotel , Grand Central, UN HQs, the Court, the Ministry of Higher Education & Culture, the National Theatre, AMISOM HQs, which all have resulted devastating consequences of many deaths and destruction of properties etc. Also, terrorists have undertaken many bombings at road sides, attached bombs to vehicles and left bags containing explosives in crowded restaurants which they used a remote control device to detonate and cause deadly explosions.

Believe me, terrorists have became stronger but they can be defeated provided that the government receives the assistance it needs from the public in order to combat and cleanse them from Somalia before we perish.

How many have died in our country at the hands of terrorists? How many times did we cry? How many funerals we have attended? How many women were made widows by terrorists? How many kids are made orphans by terrorists?

  • I will, set up a task force of special police with extraordinary powers and means in regards to proper training, communication equipment and logistical support to combat terrorism in order to isolate it from its alliance with other terrorist networks around the world, the result being to remain like a fish without a water. This special anti-terror police will do a complete investigation into the activities of all terror groups and their backgrounds in the country which are mushrooming every where in the Somalia. I want, to know their names, how they operate, live, the names and addresses of their parents, brothers, sisters, friends and relatives and which school they go or did go. I want, to know their life style, links with other terror groups in the country and abroad and where they get the money, where they get the weapons and ammunitions, communications and other logistical support etc. However, there is no question in my mind that, terrorists in Somalia get the bulk of their money and other logistical support from businesses and NGOs in the country and promise anyone found to support these groups will face justice and jail time. Therefore, I will create Anti-Terror Laws to combat terrorism in Somalia and give a wide ranging powers to the special police force to fight terrorists and also promise to appoint a Special Attorney to look into the cases of terrorists in order to pay for their crimes.
  • I have confidence and believe that we still have values because we are still Muslims. As Muslims, we can’t be indifferent or assist ferocious terrorist activities of killing, bombing, murdering, kidnapping, slaughtering of innocent civilians and those who work for the government to make it stronger. Believe, me you I consider terrorists are enemies of all faiths and bloodied our streets and made many women widows, many kids orphans and hurt so many families as a result we have attended many funerals. The government has done nothing but only talk. Nothing is very small and talk is very cheap. On the other hand, I will use a ‘a stick and carrot policy’ to deal with efficiently and effectively with terrorists in Somalia through using force to bring about behavior change while offering peace and negotiations to end the conflict and discord between the government and Al-Shabaab which remain the main terror group in the country in order to avoid further bloodshed and destruction of life and property.

In my conclusion I promise, after assuming office to meet and engage in a peaceful talks with Al-Shabaab and in a good-will gesture pardon their leaders and release their members in detention for political reasons if they choose to lay down their weapons and cease all hostilities and armed conflict against the government and other criminal terrorist activities.

Drs. Anab Mohamed Dahi, Female  Presidential Candidate in Somalia, 2016


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