Conduct context review including operational context; political and socio–economic in Lower Juba region, Somalia

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Employer: CARE
Job Title: Conduct context review including operational context; political and socio–economic in Lower Juba region, Somalia
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Somalia
Category: Other
CARE International in Somalia
Terms of reference to conduct context review including operational context; political and socio–economic in Lower Juba region, Somalia
1 Purpose of the Terms of Reference: The purpose of these Terms of Reference (TOR) is to detail the scope of work to be undertaken by a consultant to carry out context review in Lower Juba targeting the districts of Afmadhow, Badhaadhe and Kismayu. The rapid review focusing on the operational context, political and socio-economic dynamics and the peer NGOs operating in Juba Land. The review is also expected to bring key data and issues which highlights the region performance to inform new program designs. The outcome of the review will assist CARE strategic directions of humanitarian response in Lower Juba.
2 Background: Emergency response has been central to CARE’s work throughout its history, and as natural disasters become more frequent due to climate change and humanitarian emergencies increase due to increasing competition for basic services. CARE International in Somalia is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty and providing lifesaving assistance in emergencies. Its programs go beyond meeting basic needs at the onset of an emergency to helping affected communities recover and rebuild their lives long after the crisis ends. CARE has been working in Somalia since 1981, implementing a variety of projects across all regions of the country. Initially, CARE’s work focused on emergency response activities, but the portfolio has evolved from emergency relief to include rehabilitation and development projects. Current interventions include Education, Livelihood programming, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Emergency and Humanitarian Assistance, pastoralist activities, peace building, natural resource management and capacity building of local institutions among others. CARE programs cut across Somaliland, Puntland and South Central Somalia. The programs are either implemented directly or through local partners including government ministries and Non-governmental organisations.
CARE programs are informed by the changing dynamics and the immediate needs of the most vulnerable groups among the target communities including women, girls, elderly, and other minority groups. In order to keep a breast with the changing trends, CARE undertakes rapid/baseline assessments and project evaluations on regular bases. The findings of such exercises are used to inform program designs and implementations. It is on this basis that CARE intends to undertake the proposed rapid context analyses to inform both the ongoing and upcoming programs.
Scope of work and outline: The objective of the rapid context analyse is to identify among others; the population estimates per district, number of people in need of humanitarian assistances, sources of income for the populations, priority sectors of interventions i.e. WASH, Nutrition, livelihoods, Sexual and reproductive health; access and locations considered as safe for program implementation, peer actors present in the districts and their programing sectors. CARE programs are meant to add value to lives and livelihoods of vulnerable thus implemented where there are gaps while effectively coordinating and collaborating with other actors. Therefore the consultant is expected to identify areas where there are critical gaps and recommend possible interventions while considering access and CARE’s areas of expertise.
In order to make the exercise a success, CARE will outsource a qualified consultants with experience in Somalia, in particular Lower Jubba. The consultant is required to travel to lower Juba and visit all the three districts of Kismayu, Afmadhow and Badhaadhe in order to gather adequate data while reaching to key stakeholders. The exercise is expected to take fifteen days including field work, report writing and travels.
4. Methodology: The consultant will use participatory approaches in engaging with the different actors including community and government representatives, peer organisations and private sector among others. The task of the consultant shall include, but not limited to, conducting interviews both focused group discussions (FGDs) and key individual informants (KII), household surveys, review of existing secondary data, data analyse and report writing. The consultant /consulting firm is expected to propose a appropriate methodology for this work at the time of submitting the application. It is however recommended that such methodology include the following
Desk reviews of relevant reports such as past assessments and reports (from FSNAU, FEWSNET, CARE and other humanitarian websites).
Develop data collection tools
Direct interviews of sampled beneficiaries, local authority representatives, local community/ private sector representatives.
5. Duration of the assignment: It is proposed that the assignment will take fifteen (15) days which include undertaking field visit for data collection, report writing and travels. The breakdown of the same is as indicated below:
Timing [Days]
Meeting with CARE staff for briefing
CARE office – Nairobi
Field work and travels
Report writing
6. Liaison and Communication: The exercise will be co-ordinated by the Humanitarian Coordinator assisted by Humanitarian team leader – south central and the Area Manager Lower Juba who are both based in Kismanyo.
7. Deliverables: The consultant is expected to deliver a comprehensive and quality report to the satisfaction of CARE. This is should be delivered within seven days after the field work is completed.
8. Obligations
CARE International in Somalia (CIS): The consultant will be responsible to the Humanitarian Coordinator, CARE International in Somalia.
CARE will provide:
Share with the consultant available documents
The consultant: The consultant will be responsible for the entire exercise, developing data collection tools, field data collection, organising his/her transport while in the field collecting data and reaching to key stakeholders and submitting comprehensive report. He/she should visit among other centres Kismayu, Dobley Kulbiyow and Raskambooni.
9. Expression of Interest: The consultant is required to have the following qualifications and experience:
A university degree or higher in social sciences
Similar assignment in the recent past
Experience of working/ undertaking work in Somalia and in particular Lower Juba Region.
Should be able to speak the local language or have associate in the assessment team who speak Somali language
10. Bid Requirements
Firms or Consultant(s) who feel that they meet or exceed the requirements should submit expression of interest, which should include the following:
· A capability statement, including commitment for availability for this period
· Indicate the daily rates and the totals amount in USD.
· Updated curriculum vitae of the consultants/ profile of the firm that will undertake the work that clearly spells out qualifications and experience.
· Sample of at least 2 previous reports of a similar engagement
· The consultant is expected to do own prior security assessment in the locations that this consultancy will be conducted.
Contacts of 3 organizations that have recently been contracted the firm/consultant(s) to carry out similar training – preferably carried out in the last 3 years.
Qualified individuals or companies are required to submit a detailed proposal and budget not exceeding 10 pages by 27th September 2016. Applications should be submitted to and copied to

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