Somaliland is Open for Business

Somaliland is Open for Business PHOTO BY Mohamed duale

By:Ian Fenwick

Having recently returned from my 5th visit to Somaliland in 12 months I’m delighted to report, not only is Somaliland open for business, they are succeeding at a rate where someone quoted.
“Somaliland will be the next Dubai”
And this week’s announcement of the completion of the $442m investment in the Port of Berbera by DP World is confirmation of such a bold and ambitious statement.

During my recent visit to Somaliland I was astonished by the atmosphere and vibrancy of the people, business community and Government departments.
Upon my arrival at the Maansoor Hotel I was pleasantly greeted with a welcome fit for a celebrity, the reception staff welcomed me and remembered my name from my last visit in April.

The purpose of my visit was to meet with various Ministers to discuss our present and future development contracts, however within a few hours of arriving several businessmen and women, in Hargeisa for the 3rd Annual Diaspora Conference, were introducing themselves to me all wanting to speak about their desire to return to their country to invest and open businesses.

The event organisers invited me to the conference which I attended between meetings over the 2 days and was amazed at the quality and importance of the speakers and the incredible enthusiasm of the delegates.
The highlight of the conference was in my opinion the passionate captivating speech by Edna Adan.

During my time in Hargeisa I paid my usual visit to the Edna Aden Hospital to present Edna with a donation of baby clothes, toys, nappies, baby wipes and 80 packets of Pom Bear potato snacks which Edna gave out to the children with the largest smiles (all of them). On leaving the hospital I noticed children who didn’t appear to be Somali, Edna noticing my curiosity told me she was giving medical attention to Yemeni and Syrian refugees as well as her own Somali children stating
“They all need my help and although my hospital barely has the resources for my own people my heart won’t allow me to turn them away”

I don’t believe anyone needs reminding what an incredible person this former First Lady, midwife, Foreign Minister, independence campaigner and I’m honoured to say a personal friend this lady is.

After 4 days of meetings I ended my visit with a lunch meeting with Ministers, Ambassadors and businessmen agreeing to work together for the better future of this amazing country, a country which I believe has the potential to become the fastest growing economy in Africa and with recent developments and announcements it’s becoming a belief shared by many.

Anglo Somaliland Resources Ltd will continue to promote and develop public and private contracts in Somaliland as well as encourage international investment and will soon be announcing our unique crowd funding investment opportunity initiative.anglo somaliland resources


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