Somalia presidential candidates “concerned’ about 2016 election


Horndiplomat-Presidential Candidates Statement, H.E. Abdirahman M. Mohamud Farole and Hon. Ali Haji Warsame.

Issues of concern on the National Leaders Forum (NLF) Communique for 2016 Election

The communiqué is full of discrepancies and inconsistences with regard to the Provisional Federal Constitutions “PFC”. It contains illegitimate self-extension for the executive power, being a conflict of interest, creating unfair opportunities to the current office holders – the President, Prime Minister and some regional leaders who are either candidates or supporters of FG leaders in the upcoming presidential election. The communique also contains illusions and hypothetical unforeseen future events, such as setting timetable and undue instructions for the establishment of future political parties. That will be within the mandate of the upcoming Federal Government and Federal member states.

Article 91 of the Provisional Federal Constitution (PFC) clearly states that the mandate of the President is 4 years, which ends on 10th September 2016 and article 95 of the PFC states that the Speaker of the Federal Parliament will take over the office of the President for 30 days.

Both Election Timetables – the one issued by NLF on 25th June 2016, in Baidoa and the one issued on 9th August 2016 in Mogadishu have almost the same time frame to the Presidential election date. Had the NLF acted in line with the previous Election Timetable, we would not have had a problem of constitutional crisis which will come inevitably to the surface on 10th September 2016. This timetable creates inconsistence with the nation’s constitutional provisions.

By not starting the election process in due time with Baidoa’s timetable, we strongly believe that there
was a deceitful plan by Federal Government for term extension, which is today’s reality. Likewise, given the hectic time frame, we will not rule out of another intentional illegitimate term extension.

There has been twice undue increase of the members of the Upper House Parliament from its original constitutional number of 54 to the current number of 58, which is a strong violation of the constitution.

It is unconceivable that NLF has set a timetable for future Federal Member of Parliament to join future political association and demanded parliamentary candidates’ commitment as condition to competing for Parliamentary seats. Again, as this matter is within the mandate of the incoming FG institutions, the NLF is clearly creating confusion by interfering with the PFC and the mandate of the incoming FG.

It is obviously clear in this communique that this timetable gives an absolute and unequivocal election leverage to the current executive at the detrimental of the other Presidential hopefuls. This is, while illegitimately sitting in the offices, the office holders will use the national resources, security apparatus and political influence for their own campaign.

We appeal to the office of the United Nation Assistance Mission to Somalia (UNSOM) and the larger international community to act immediately and put the process on the right path in line with the UNSC Resolution 2275/2016 of March 2016, which calls “…that there would be no extension of electoral process timelines for either the executive or legislative branches “.


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