Somalia’s encouraged women to participate in the forthcoming electoral process


Horndiploma-Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development in collaboration with Benadir Region Administration, national women groups and civil society today held a rally at Daljirka monument in the capital Mogadishu.Horndiplomat reports

Senior women leaders and activists addressed the gathering to encourage women to participate in the forthcoming electoral process as part of the 30% quarter reserved for women. This comes hot on the heels of a national convention on Women’s Participation in the 2016 electoral process, organized by the Federal Government of Somalia with the support of AMISOM.

Director General of Women and Human Rights Development, Dr. Omar Abdiqani, today addressed the gathering noting that women represent 50% of the Somali population and their involvement in peace building and governance of the nation is of great importance. AMISOM continues to support the federal government for the establishment of a legal framework to support affirmative action for women.

SOURCE:HORNDIPLOMAT & Amisom media13882216_1138939786144985_3869852782752059902_n 13892095_1138939889478308_8946894969257916421_n 13906887_1138939756144988_1383786451581682147_n 13932678_1138939792811651_5017717760686268382_n

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