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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Hodges offers leadership with proposed funding for Somali youth programs

By Editorial Board It’s still four months before the Minneapolis City Council will adopt the 2017 operating and capital budget. But the council’s 13 members should know that a high-profile summit on countering extremism, a gathering convened Thursday at the University of Minnesota, underscored the...

Ilhan Omar, marriage, and Somali culture: an FAQ

Last week, Ilhan Omar made national headlines after her historic win over longtime Rep. Phyllis Kahn and fellow Somali-American Mohamud Noor in the DFL primary race for House District 60B. In the heavily Democratic district, the primary victory put the 33-year-old mother of three...

How Donald Trump could make America great again

We don't have to vote for him to appreciate the realities exposed by the US' greatest reality TV star. The truth is, Trump is doing the US and the world a service by holding a giant mirror up to our collective soul, writes LeVine by Mark...