Somaliland: Cholera Outbreak In Somaliland Threatens Children’s Lives With Cases Surging -Save The Children

Somaliland: Cholera Outbreak In Somaliland Threatens Children’s Lives With Cases Surging -Save The Children

By: Save the Children

At least 156 cases and two mortalities of confirmed Cholera infections have been reported across Somaliland in the past three months, a surprise plunging community already in dire humanitarian needs into a state of emergency.  

The Cholera cases are increasing on a daily basis with at least 17 new infections identified in the past 24 hours, despite efforts made by the government and humanitarian agencies including Save the Children, in curbing the outbreak.

According to the reports from Somaliland health authority, 75 percent of those affected are children under the age of 5 years, and in desperate need of immediate assistance to save lives.

Initially, the diarrhea cases were concentrated in the Sahil, Togdher, and Sanag regions, but the epidemic has now spread to other regions including Gebilay, Awdal and Marodijeh, with alarming rapidity. Borama, Gabiley, and Wajaale districts have emerged as critical epicenters which need immediate attention to curb the outbreak. The escalation is attributed to cross-border movements and limited availability of clean drinking water during this dry season.

Every moment counts to curb this outbreak and alleviate the suffering of those affected by this preventable disease. We call upon the government of Somaliland, humanitarian partners, and the Somaliland community to join their efforts to curb this highly contagious disease which spreads quickly through contaminated water. Children’s lives are at stake, and time is of the essence. We also call upon the public to take extra care and follow the public guidance from the Ministry of Health ”, said Abdinasir Ali Sahal, the Area Representative of Save the Children Somaliland.

Save the Children is actively collaborating with the government of Somaliland, UNICEF, local partners, and communities to provide emergency medical supplies, hygiene kits, awareness campaigns and training for frontline health workers.

Save the Children has worked in Somaliland for over 70 years providing humanitarian and development programming in health, nutrition, water hygiene and sanitation, education, child protection and child rights governance. In 2023, Save the Children reached 954,312 people in Somaliland, including more than 659,120 children.

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