Somalia to stop issuing visas on arrival to Kenyans

Somalia to stop issuing visas on arrival to Kenyans

By:BBC Monitoring

Somalia’s immigration department has issued a directive stopping the issuance of visas to Kenyans on arrival in a bid to “ensure security and improve immigration management,” state radio has reported.

Radio Mogadishu published a letter from the immigration authorities, which asked all Kenyan passport holders travelling to Somalia to obtain visas from Somali embassies.

It also advised diplomatic passport holders to seek approval from the Somali foreign affairs ministry.

The directive takes effect on 13 December.

Mogadishu said the decision was in line with its “policy of ensuring security and improving immigration management to reduce the risks of Covid-19 infections”.

The move came a week after Somalia expelled Kenya’s ambassador to Mogadishu and recalled its envoy from Nairobi.

It said the Kenyan government is interfering in the electoral process in the semi-autonomous Jubbaland state.

Relations between the two east African neighbours have been strained in recent years, mainly due to a maritime rights dispute.


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