Somaliland Coast Guard Arrests Egyptian Illegal Fishing Vessels

Somaliland Coast Guard arrests Egyptian fisherman

By: MoDuale

Somaliland government announced the Arrest of four Illegal Fishing Vessels from Egypt. Horndiplomat reports

The Somaliland coast Guard has confirmed the arrest of 4 fishing vessels with 10 crews in Zeila.

According to Somaliland Coast Guard, The 4 ships were from Egypt and along with their crew will be brought to a court of the trail.

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On December 7, 2019, The Somaliland coast guard has also arrested 22 illegal fishermen from Yemen.

The Yemeni fishing boats have arrested Berbera east coastline location ceeldaraad Area, the Somaliland Coast Guard has successfully fought illegal fishing piracy and Human Trafficking and maritime crimes.

  Admiral Mohamed Farah Hiran, the head of the coastguard said they would take legal action against boats illegally fishing on  exclusive economic zone

  The Somaliland army is equipped with ships and speedboats.

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