Former Somalia President party Himilo Qaran sues FGS

Breaking: Former Somalia President party Himilo Qaran sues FGS

By: Staff writter

Former Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed opposition party Himilo Qaran announced on Sunday that the party will sue Federal government for its travel restriction on the party leader from Mogadishu to Kismaayo.

Ilyas Hassan, Member of the Somali Parliament and Foreign Affairs Secretary of the Himilo Qaran Party announced this in a press conference in the Somalia capital Mogadishu on Sunday and said that the party is holding accountable for the Federal government of Somalia and sue.

“The party will sue the central government of Somalia because of what they did for the former president and Himilo Qaran party leader”, Senator Ilyas said in the news conference in Mogadishu.

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Former leader and his delegation who wanted to attend Jubaland President inauguration in Kismaayo blocked previously at Adan Adde international airport by the federal government of Somalia.

Himilo Qaran opposition party led by former president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed is one of the opposition’s heavyweights in the country

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