Somaliland arrest looters for stealing Four vehicles from Ethiopia’s Somali region

Somaliland's State Minister for Security at the Ministry of Interior, Mohamed Muse Dirie

Horndiplomat – Somaliland government announced the interception of four vehicles looted and stole from Jigjiga Ethiopia’s Somali region, which was intercepted in Wajale and Burao towns. Horndiplomat reports

Somaliland’s State Minister for Security at the Ministry of Interior, Mohamed Muse Dirie, told the BBC’s Somali service confirmed his government apprehend vehicles looted and stole from Jigjiga Ethiopia’s Somali region.

“The government arrest vehicles looted and stole from Jigjiga and the authority also apprehended those who were caught red-handed.”Said Minister Dirie

On Sunday, The president of Somaliland has reportedly called on citizens to respect and welcome foreigners in the country following armed confrontations in Ethiopia’s Somali region over the weekend.

Yesterday’s  Horndiplomat reports The first Oromo refugees fleeing Violences in Jigjiga are arriving in Somaliland.

Since late Friday, an armed standoff between the Ethiopian national army and regional security forces in the country’s Somali region has claimed nearly 30 lives according to media reports.

The violence, though largely restricted to the regional capital Jijiga, is said to have left a tense atmosphere in the region. The BBC Amharic service reports that all non-Somalis in Jijiga are in hiding for fear of attacks.

Reports indicate that a wave of ethnic-based attacks that followed the confrontation led to the looting of shops and attacks on about eight churches.

Meanwhile, Yesterday’s The President of Ethiopia’s Somali regional state has resigned his position following a security crisis that involved federal forces and regional forces under his command.

Senior officials of the region told the Voice Of America’s Somali service that Mohamoud Omar popularly referred to as Abdi Illey was to be replaced by the region’s Finance Minister Ahmed Abdi Ilkacase.

The resignation of Abdi Illey, widely accused of gross human rights abuses, has also been reported by the Ethiopians, Somali News Agency (ESNA), the region’s communication outlet.

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