Somaliland-UAE Trade Office issued press release to Somaliland Community in UAE

Somaliland and UAE flags

Horndiplomat-Somaliland’s representative to the UAE released statement on to Somaliland Community in UAE.Horndiplomat

Press statement

UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has been making some changes which have had an impact on Somalilanders living and working in the UAE.

Both the governments of Somaliland and the UAE are closely working together to resolve any unintended impact that is causing concern.

Many will now be aware that UAE visa’s can and will be issued to Somaliland passport holders. The full details of this policy change have not been finalized.there are ongoing discussions with relevant authorities from Somaliland and UAE government on best approach.

As these major changes have come about in a short period of time, we politely ask those affected to be patient.


The office here will continue to provide updates.

By: Mohamed Duale Chief Editor of Horndiplomat Tweets MohamadDuale




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