Somaliland Coast Guard Information Day supported by EUCAP in Hargeisa


Hordniplomat-An Information Day organised by the Somaliland Coast Guard on request of the House of Representatives was facilitated by EUCAP in Hargeisa on April 18th.

The aim of the event was to promote and support the adoption and implementation of a Coast Guard Law in that region.

The occasion bolstered dialogue among Somaliland institutions and the international community regarding maritime legislation.

The Information Day also stressed the importance of a legal framework that sets up Coast Guard bodies following international standards in terms of Coast Guard powers, functions and responsibilities.

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They also addressed the equally important conversation on police powers on crimes within the maritime jurisdiction and functions related to safety and security inthe maritime domain.

EUCAP Deputy Head of Mission, Keith Murray addressed participants as well as the Vice Minister of Interior, Chief Coast Guard Admiral Cabdi Hirsi Duaale.

Some local participants suggested Coast Guard Information Day could be considered a public hearing ahead of the debate in Parliament.


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