Somaliland:New Mass Graves were found in Somaliland

EPAF forensic and pathology experts and volunteers at a field school unearthing mass graves in Somaliland

Horndiplomat-A number of mass graves were discovered in Hargeisa’s Ahmed-Dhagah district by the Somaliland Committee of genocide investigations.

In 1988,the former Somali Central Government was deliberately destroyed its northern region(now Somaliland) and many beautiful towns were turned into ghost.

Thousands of civilians were brutally massacred without an obvious reason,where thousands of other residents were forced to move from their homes and rendered refugees.

Somaliland Minister of Justice Hon:Abdiqani Mahamoud Ateye Speaks on that mass graves were found in Hargeisa capital of Somaliland

“Today’s in Hargeisa/Somaliland we opened new mass graves with the assistance of an International organisation from Peru, USA, Europe & Latin America. It is among the crimes committed by former President of Somalia Siad Barre & Regime and proof of genocide.”

Somaliland Justice also added

“The mass graves;the people died as they were fleeing the bombings of the government(former Somali Military Government).Few of them were survived from the strikes and crossed the border to Ethiopia.”Said Somaliland minister of Justice Abdiqani Mahamoud Ateye

However,Ethiopia was the only nation which was accepted the escaped Somaliland people to live its country as refugee.

Faisal Ali Hussein The leader of opposition party UCID has mentioned that Somalia officials  not knows about that history and their claims of controlling in Somaliland is from their own pocket.

“These people in Somalia(president Farmaajo and PM Khayre) who say we are government,when you address them deeply ‘Farmaajo was accountant at that time in Somali Embassy in Washington which was denying(the embassy) the existence of this genocide and said nothing is continuing in the north”Eng Faisal Ali Hussien

Faisal also added

“At current,many of the officers who were ordered the air rides of that massacres are live in Somalia,USA and some in European countries.”

Although Somaliland was not part of Somalia since 1991 as it declared an independence;still Somalia believes Somaliland as state of it.

Somaliland people have accomplished to create peaceful and more stable state which has its own flag,national forces,currency and territory.The nation is sustaining to get recognition from the international community.

By:Khadar Haibe Horndiplomat Reporter 




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