Statement of Congratulations by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Somaliland in the UK Parliament

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Statement by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Somaliland in the UK Parliament

As friends of Somaliland and members of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Somaliland in the UK Parliament, we want to offer our warm congratulations to HE Muse Biihi Abdi – President-Elect, on his election, and the people of Somaliland for their continued commitment to advancing democracy, the rule of law and development as a beacon of stability in the Horn of Africa.

We look forward to working closely with the President-Elect and his new administration to advance the cause of Somaliland, in particular the crucial issues of recognition, trade, development and human rights, and we would welcome an early chance to meet with him in London or Hargeisa.

We want to also offer our sincere commiserations to the candidates not elected, and to praise them for their leadership and their focus on stability, democracy and the national interests of Somaliland in recent days and for working through established channels to address grievances.

We would like to echo the comments of the international community in congratulating the people of Somaliland on the largely smooth and peaceful conduct of voting, while at the same time expressing our deepest condolences and sadness at the loss of life caused by violence in a minority of locations. We look forward to being briefed by members of the International Election Observation Mission in due course.

We want to add our thanks to the UK Government and other members of the international community who have supported these elections and all the members and volunteers who took part in the IEOM.

We hope that this increased engagement and continued respect for Somaliland by the UK will continue over the coming months and years, in particular by helping to address Somaliland’s priorities going forward.

We stand ready as friends of Somaliland to do whatever we can to assist.

On behalf of:

All Party Parliamentary Group for Somaliland 


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