The Djibouti authorities vowed to arrest tycoon Ahmed Gelle-Arab Upon his arrival In Djibouti.

The Djibouti authorities vowed to arrest tycoon Ahmed Gelle-Arab Upon his arrival In Djibouti.

According to the reports Djibouti Times is getting, there is huge row between Djibouti’s president and the business tycoon Ahmed Osman who is also known as Ina Geele-arab.

Reports say the row is serious and has extremely damaged the smooth relationship business tycoon Ina-Geele-arab used to enjoy with the ruling family in Djibouti and now he fell out with the Dijboutian’s top man, President Ismail Omar Guelleh.

The row between the business tycoon and President Guelleh has resulted a Djibouti court to issue a warrant of arrest for Ina Geele-Arab and after finding out that business tycoon Ahmed Osman an arrest warrant was issued against him, he fled to Somaliland’s capital, Hargeisa.

Mr. Osman was reported of changing his flight arrangements while in UAE hours after his business aides informed him how serious the situation is and the prospect of him being locked up in Djibouti’s notorious jails.

Ahmed Osman is now hiding in Hargeisa from the Djibouti government where is wanted for questioning about projects that was meant to be profited by the Djibouti state.

There are other reports also stating that the row is about business competition went wrong.

The Somaliland Traditional Elders role:

Members of Somaliland traditional leaders are currently reported of initiating mediation efforts on reducing the conflict between Ahmed Osman Guelle and Djibouti Government .

It is not clear how far will the row between President Ismail Omer Gulleh and Ahmed Osman Guelleh will end up and whether the Somaliland’s side can defuse the tension.

The Djibouti Times is currently busy in finding more on the root causes of this conflict. Stay tuned at Djibouti times for further developing news on this article.


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