Somaliland: Dahabshiil Donates towards Developmental Projects in Gabiley Region

Dahabshiil group of companies this week made cash donations towards several ongoing developmental projects in Gabiley region.
Mr. Mahmoud Haji Osman Abdillahi and Mr. Farhan Mohamed Ismail, representing Dahabshil group handed US 5, 000 dollars in cash towards the construction of the Mo Farah sports stadium in Gabiley.
Dahabshiil group also donated US 2,500 dollars towards the construction of retaining walls meant prevent water run-off from the Gabax river and soil erosion which threatens the Gabax secondary school.
In a similar gesture Dahabshiil group donated the amount of US 2500 dollars towards the Gabiley mental hospital.
Members of the Gabiley council thanked the Dahabshiil group for generosity and that it has proved to be most charitably beneficent institution in the private sector whose help has been likewise extends to social and community projects which play a major role in engaging in developmental, health, education and multitude of other needs.


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