Can Diamond deposits be found in Somaliland?

Somaliland geographically are located east Africa or horn of Africa which is one of the eastern country and its bordered by Djibouti to the west, Ethiopia to the south, and the Punt land region of Somalia to the east, Somaliland has a 740 kilometers (460 mi) coastline with the majority lying along the Gulf of Aden, and it have mountain ranges rising up to six and seven thousands feet in the centre.
 Somaliland has a variety of morphological aspects and geological features, mountainous areas, valleys, plateaus, sloping plains, coastal hills and dunes, numerous short streams dissect the escarpment facing the Gulf of Aden. A Large stream mountain are located in the western part of northern Somalia and drain the mountain area of BORAMA and HARGEISA, and the areas from ERIGAVO to SHIEKH; they discharge their water towards the coastal areas of GULF OF ADEN. All other mountainous large streams draining the NUGAAL, BOOKH, DAROOR valleys and other minor valleys discharge their water in to the INDIAN OCEAN.
Some training manuals, reports and mining companies suggested diamond deposits cannot be found in Somaliland, and these reports do not have adequate explanation the reason for the absence of diamond in Somaliland, I am not agree with all these reports because of according to the geologic formations, volcanic areas, major igneous rock formations, Volcanic areas and minerals associated with deposited in the country, Somaliland seems have a potential diamond.
In the north of HARGEISA and JEBEL ELMIS mountains shows us volcanic area during pre-Cambrian(early geologic time) may be found in Kimberlite(host rock of diamond) or not far from these area.
 Pyrope(mineral) mostly indicate the mouth of kimberlite and kimberlite caries out or hosted diamond, also basaltic rocks, olivine mineral and  kimberlite is volcanic family so basaltic dominated and covered a huge areas like seaward of gulf of Aden in Somaliland.
Olivine mineral is found major areas in Somaliland, Some international published geologic reports suggest olivine do not far in diamond, or where found diamond and olivine are same environment and majority is associated.
Otherwise Somaliland located end of Mozambique belt and the countries along Mozambique belt have for the potential production of a wide range of diamond and other gemstones that can be mined as commercially, Somaliland have same geologic formations these countries along Mozambique belt.
The mountains areas between LAS QOREY, BADHAN, and CEELAYO in SANAAG region
Diamonds of low quality are also reportedly mined in this area.
In addition of above recognitions Somaliland seems it have wide potential of diamonds deposited in different locations but the problems faced on is lack of data, lack of research and lack of geological exploration or surveys to ensure the type and quantity of gems deposited in Somaliland especially diamond.
It must be the educational institutions, mining companies, and ministry of energy and mining should facilitate the trainings and knowledge about the mining and exploration of diamond and other minerals and also Ministry of mining and energy should assist and encourage the process of mining permit to proceed real mining program about diamond.
Mohamed mohamoud mooge Geologist;
Mohamed mohamoud mooge
Hargeisa saomaliland;


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