Pakistani Navy ship saves lives in Gulf of Aden

Pakistan Navy Ship while deployed on Counter Piracy mission saved precious lives in Gulf of Aden. The ship was operating as a part of Combined Task Force 151 (CTF-151), an international Coalition Task Force of naval ships and aircraft formed under the UN mandate to counter piracy in Gulf of Aden. CTF-151 is also presently being commanded by Cdre Shuaib of Pakistan Navy.
CTF-151 HQ received the information about a Yemeni dhow, carrying 60 personnel, which had sunk 30 NM North West of SOCOTRA Island. Upon receipt of information surveillance by aircraft was ordered by HQ CTF-151 to locate the survivors. Meanwhile, Pakistan Navy Ship SHAMSHEER was tasked for search and rescue operation. PNS Shamsheer promptly responded the call and reached the position of sunken dhow within few hours. Upon reaching the area, PNS Shamsheer assumed duties of On Scene Commander and coordinated the search and rescue efforts that involved naval ships of Spain and Australia with embarked helicopters aided by the land based aircraft from Japan and Germany.
Overall the whole operation was coordinated by Pakistan Navy led CTF 151 and commanded on scene by PNS Shamsheer. Resultantly, 41 x personnel onboard Yemeni ill-fated dhow were successfully recovered, while the search for others continued.
The operation signifies the professional acumen of Pakistan Navy to co-ordinate such a large scale operation involving navies from around the globe. Previously during the deployment, PNS Shamsheer kept on rendering assistance to the maritime community. Medical assistance was offered to the crew members of a Cattle Dhow named AL AMIR while it was transporting livestock from Somalia to Oman. Similarly, on 26 Nov, medical assistance was offered to a Somali dhow FAIS-E-SALE MOHAMMADI in Gulf of Aden area.
Pakistan Navy is resolute in maintaining and delivering on its commitment to the nation and global community for safeguarding national interests and making the ocean space safe and secure. Our ships, flying green flag around the globe are reflection of our national character, resilience and unrelenting commitment to the humanitarian cause


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