Unicef Awards 13 year old Somali Refugee that speaks 6 languages

Unicef Awards 13 year old Somali Refugee that speaks 6 languages
On the occasion of the International Day of Children’s Rights, UNICEF awarded personalities and organisations in Greece that promote children’s rights as well as schools collaborating in a Greek Education Ministry educational programme promoting the rights of children.
Among the award winners is thirteen year old Mohammed, a refugee from Somalia, who speaks six languages and has become the “right hand” of volunteers at the Eleonas ‘hot spot’ since he informally acts as an interpreter.
Mohammed managed to learn the foreign languages, by listening to volunteers and other refugees carefully. He learned Greek in four months. His first learning exercise was a Greek children’s song called ”I clap my two hands, happily”
Unicef awarded Mohammed with the “Lambros Kanellopoulos’ award for both his talent and assistance.
Mohammed is a very smart kid, executives who work at the Elaionas structure, said. He lived in Turkey for three years before moving with his mother and five siblings to Greece, where he learned the language very well. The other languages, other than English, he learned playing with other children or at the refugee centre as well as in other places he had been before./IBNA




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