Chinese Vice President is expected to official visit Ethiopia

Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao

Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao is expected to pay an official visit to Ethiopia beginning next Thursday, November 17, 2016.
In an exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald, Chinese Ambassador La Yifan said that the Vice President would hold bilateral talks with Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen. There would also be experience sharing session between the two countries’ ruling parties.
The visit is aimed at demonstrating the cooperation between the two countries. The visit signals Chinese support to the government’s efforts in maintaining peace and stability as well as the prosperity of the country, the Ambassador said.
“The Ethiopian government is fully confident and has the ability to restore stability in the country for the overwhelming majority supports its policies and measures taken,” he added.
The Vice President is keen to foster the longstanding relations between the two countries. Coming after visiting Djibouti, he would make various bilateral agreements,the Ambassador said.
The Ambassador further indicated that Vice President would visit the Addis Ababa Light Railway Project, and the Eastern Industrial Zone in Dukem.
Over the last five years, Chinese investors have invested close to a billion USD in Ethiopia, while the trade volume between the two countries hit over 1.3 billion USD.
Over 800 Chinese companies are currently operating in Africa, including Ethiopia. They have created jobs for 80 million Africans.

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