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Horndiplomat-Innovate Accelerator is a 10-week programme aimed at supercharging and funding the next wave of Somali start-ups. Mentorship and training will be provided by domain experts and entrepreneurs and the top 3 start-ups from the Innovate Accelerator will receive up to $10,000 in investment from Innovate Ventures Fund.Somaliland:Innovate Info Sessions and Workshops In Hargeisa

Innovate and VC4Africa will be hosting information sessions so that potential applicants can speak directly with the organizing team on how to submit a successful application, what the review committee will be looking for and what makes a high quality applicant.

Info session schedule:

Sunday July 17 at 7PM at Mansoor Hall, Hargeisa
Monday July 18 at 10AM at Gollis University, Hargeisa
Tuesday July 19 at 10AM at Green Plaza, Hargeisa
Wednesday July 20 at 5PM at Amoud University, Borama
Thursday July 21 at 10AM at Telesom Hall, Hargeisa
To register for the info sessions, click here.

Innovate and VC4Africa will also be hosting two Business Model Canvas workshops for entrepreneurs looking to gain clarity on how to describe, design, and summarize their business model. This workshop will be useful for anyone looking for hands on tools to apply to their business model. You could be an enterprise founder, an aspiring entrepreneur or a business strategist.

The workshops have limited seats so you must receive confirmation that you’ve been selected in order to attend.

Business model canvas workshop schedule:

Sunday July 17 at 10AM at Mansoor Hall, Hargeisa
Wednesday July 20 at 10AM at Amoud University, Borama
To register for the workshop, fill the same form above and check “Yes” to attending the Business Model Canvas Workshop. Click here for the link.

SOURCE:Somaliland Nation News

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